Movie: R… Rajkumar
Singers: Antara Mitra, Nakash Aziz
Lyricist: Mayur Puri
Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood

Saree ke fall sa
Kabhi match kiya re
Kabhi chhod diya dil
Kabhi catch kiya re

Sometimes you matched it like fall of a saree
Sometimes you dropped my heart
Sometimes you caught it

Touch kar ke touch kar ke
Kahan chal di bach kar ke
Touch kar ke touch kar ke

Where are you going safely
After touching my heart?

Touch kar ke dil se dil
Attach kiya re

After touching,
You attached my heart to yours

Saaya jab se mila tera saaya
Bhaaya mujhe har baar tu bhaaya
Laaya sapne hazaar tu laaya
Aise aise haan aise aise aise jaise

Since I got your shade,
I have not liked anything else
You have brought thousands of dreams with you
Like this

Aaya jab se hai yaar tu aaya
Chhaaya ban ke hai pyaar tu chaaya

Since you have come
You are cast over me in the form of love

Sach kar ke sach kar ke
Mere sapne sach kar ke
Kahan chal di bach kar ke
Touch kar ke touch kar ke

After turning my dreams to reality,
Where are you going safely?

Touch kar ke dil mera
Kyun scratch kiya re

Why did you scratch my heart
After touching it?

Ghar se chali main jahaan kabhi ghar se
Sar se chunri kahan udi sar se
Darr se nikli yeh jaan meri darr se
Aise aise haan aise aise aise jaise

When I went out from my home,
The scarf from my head flew
I was very terrified
As if

Barse barse ghata kahin barse
Tarse mere armaan sabhi tarse

Clouds are showering water somewhere
All my desires long to be fulfilled

Cut kar ke cut kar ke seene se dil cut kar ke
Kahaan chal di bach kar ke cut karke cut karke
Cut karke dil kahan phir patch kiya re

Where are you going safely after
Cutting out my heart from my chest?

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