Munda I Phone warga

Song: Munda I Phone warga
Singer: A-Kay, Bling Singh
Lyricist: Preet Hundal

Ho jaan Jaan khangdi a
Ched ched langhdi ae

You cough knowingly,
You tease while passing

Assi jind jaan yaaran utto waarde
Tu bhaaldi a mittran to cash goriye
Munda sohniye ni IPhone warga
Jani khani nal hunda ni attach goriye

I give my life for my friends,
You are looking for cash
The guy is like I-Phone, beautiful
He does not get attached with just everyone

Time paas hona ni saccha pyar karange
Tutt gya dil je mehnge mull bharange
Tera pyaar jaape nakli ji app jaa
Hou mint mint picho ha crash goriye

I won’t just pass time, I will give you true love
If heart is break, I will pay heavily for it
You love seems like a fake application,
It keeps crashing

Jo asal wich hoya me dita yaaro likh
Eh geet cigaa paya status wich likh
Te chak otho geet kise apna banaa leya
Te geet nu bnaa k ohne sab nu suna leya

Friends, I have written whatever was the reality
I had put on this song as my status
Somebody took it from there and released it as his own

Sanu v a yaaro kito ptaa lag gya
Gall sunde e yaaro sanu dhakka lag gya
Raato raat e banaya taan ki hun chak lave Na
Te sach ki a yaaro kise nu shak rave na

I came to know from somewhere,
I was shocked when I came to know
I created this song in a single night, so that nobody steals it this time
And nobody remains away from what is the truth

Taahiyon kadhna peya a yaari sanu kaahli kaahli ch
Hundal da a geet jihda wasda Mohali ch

That’s why I had to release it in hurry
It’s a song of Hundal living in Mohali

Hundal Mohali wala yaaro tharak da phukkha nai
Pyara saahan da hai khed biba laun wala tikka nai
Parchaavan v hai aunda tere jhiya to
Rakhda a foot da haan gap goriye

I am Hundal from Mohali, I am not after lust
Love is a game of breaths, not for beautification
If I see even a shadow resembling you
I maitain my distance

– corrected by ‘a kay’s fan’

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