Aye Dil Bata

Song: Aye Dil Bata
Movie: Ishq Actually
Composer: Chirantan Bhatt
Singer: Arijit Singh
Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Raayo S Bakhirta, Neha Ahuja

Kyun baadalon ki gali
Chaand hairaan hai kya pata
Armaanon ke sab iraade
Pareshaan hain kyun bhala

Why is the moon surprised
In the lane of clouds?I don’t know
Why is the resolve of all desires

Aye dil bata
Jaane kyun is martaba
Tune mujhe yeh kya keh diya

Tell me, my heart
I don’t know why you
Told me this, now

Aye dil bata
Aise kyun hairat bhara
Yeh pyaar yun tune de diya

Tell me, my heart
Why did you give me such love,
Filled with surprises?

Samjhaya tujhe kitna phir bhi
Kiya tune bas apne man ki
Galiyon mein ja ke kyun baitha ishq ki

I tired to persuade you but
You did what you wanted to
Why did you go and sit in the lanes of love?

Kuchh nahin ab mere bas mein
Kuchh nahin yahan tere bas mein
Badmaashiyan hain yeh kis ki Ishq ki
Bepata lapata ho chala

Nothing is in my control now
Nothing is in your control
Whose doing is this? Of Love
I am lost

Jaanta hoon tu sahi hai
Phir bhi mera kyun nahi hai
Dil mein kiska yeh dakhal hai
Sab pareshaan is pal hain

I know that you are right
But you are not mine
Whose interfering with my heart?
Everybody is tense this moment

Mujh mein hoke bhi
Hai mujhse kyun door

You are inside me
But why are you still away from me?

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