Pitah Se Hai Naam Tera

Song: Pitah Se Hai Naam Tera
Movie: Boss
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Meet Bros, Anjjan,Sanjay Misra
Composes: Meet Bros, Anjjan
Lyricist: Kumaar
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakrobarthy

Pitah se hai naam tera
Pitah pehchaan teri
Jiye jis sahaare pe tu
Pitah se woh saans mili
Hai pitah rab tera

Your name is because of your father
Your identity is because of your father
The breath on which you rely to live,
Is given to you by your father
Your father is your God

Ho Ishwar Allah Jitne bhi Rab hain
Noor tera tujh mein hi sab hai

All the Gods
Are your light, all these are in you

Rab hai hai
Tu hi sab hai hai
Rab hai hai
Tu hi sab hai hai

You are God
You are everything

Pitah ka mol hai kya
Paas reh ke jaana nahi
Pyar pita se karein
Ye keh na paayein kabhi

I did not realize the value of father
When I was near him
I was unable to say that
I love my father

Hai pita sab tera

Ho Ishwar Allah Jitne bhi Rab hain
Noor tera tujh mein hi sab hai

Pita ke aashirwad se tune sab kuch paya hai
Kya lekar tu aaya jag mein
Aur kya tune kamaaya hai

You have attained everything because of your father’s blessings
Whatever you brought in this world,
Whatever you have earned

Pita ka rutba sab se ooncha
Rab ke roop samaan hai
Pita ki ungli thaam ke chal toh
Rastaa bhi aasaan hai

The status of father is high
He is similar to God
If you hold your father’s finger and walk,
Every path is easy

Pita ka saaya sar pe ho toh
Kadmon mein aakaash hai
Pita hai poonji kho jaaye toh
Phir kya tere paas hai

If father’s shade is over you,
Sky is at your feet
If you lose your father,
You have nothing left

Pita bina na hasti teri
Naa koi tera thikana hai
Pita ke naam se aana jag mein
Pita ke naam se jaana hai

There is no existence without father
Nor there is a home
You come with your father’s name in this world
And leave this world as such

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