Song: Proper Patola
Singer: Diljit Dosanjh, Badshah
Lyricist: Badshah
Composer: Badshah, Sachh

Proper patola
Nakhra ae swag
Suit Patiala
Shaahi chunni teri black

Beautiful girl,
Your attitude is swag
You wear a Patiala suit
Your royal scarf is black

O munde hounke bharde
Tainu takk takk ke
Turey jadon hath tu
Lakk utte rakh ke

Boys sigh,
Looking at you
When you walk with
Your hand on waist

Just another day
Launda ci main gediyan
Raah jandi vekhi
Gaddi karti main slow

It was just another day,
I was roaming
I saw you going,
I slowed down my car

Mastani chaal
Lagdi kamaal
Jandi jandi mera mind kargi tu blow

Your walk has fun in it
You look great
You blew my mind

Dus vichon dus tu
Kudi tu patola
Rabb jaane khaure kehra khandi tu anaaj

You score ten out of ten
You are a beautiful girl
Lord knows which food you eat

Lagdi tu hourglass
Gundva shareer tera
Lakk lachkaundi tu
Jataandi kiven naaj

You look like an hourglass
Your body is full
You sway your waist
And show pride

Look rab ne husna di
Rakhi koi thorh nhi
Gallan di laali nu
Makeup di koi lod nhi

There is no shortage of
Beauties created by God
Your red cheeks
Don’t need makeup

Phull gulaab de
Bull ne janaab de
Saunh lagge mummy di mainu
Tera koi tod nhi

Your lips are like
I swear on my mother,
There is nothing to save from you

Thoddi te til kaala
Kudiye ni baatan paave
Suit patiala
Gucci vucchi nu maataan paave

The mole on your cheek
Creates havoc,
Your Patiala suit
Defeats Gucci

Aa ghar tera ni main aape labh lau
Saanu bas das ja tu naa

I shall find your house myself,
Just tell me your name

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