Song: Bebasi
Movie: Warning
Composer: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyricist: Kumaar
Singers: James, Aditi Paul

Bulbule saans ke saans ke
Doobte tairte dhoondhein kinaara
Bulbule waqt ke waqt ke
Lamhon ki aankh se karte ishaara

Bubbles of breath
Drown,swim, search for shore
The bubbles of time
Signal through the eyes of time

Nazaron se chookin takeedein
Dhundhli padi hain umeedein

Eyes missed the warnings
Hopes are foggy

Bebasi kaisi Bebasi
Bebas kyun hai ye zindagi

What is this helplessness?
Why is my life helpless?

Jab Raaste mile
Chalne ke liye
Bhanwar pe
Paaon pad gaye

When I found path
To walk,
I stepped on the whirlpool

Kuchh Baarishein giri
Pedon pe iss tarah
Shaakh se patte jhad gaye

Such rain poured on the trees,
Leaves fell away from the branches

Kismat ki hai ye hawaayein
Tinkon sa humko udaayein

The wind of fate,
Blows us like a straw

Lehron pe hi kahin
Nazrein talaashti
Shayad koi zameen mile

Eyes are searching on the waves
May be I will find ground

Doobe huye zara
Sooraj ki aanch se
Halki si roshni mile

I may find a little light
From the fire of the sunken sun

Pathra gayi hain yeh aahein
Bas aasmaan pe nigaahein

My sighhs have become stony
My eyes are looking at the sky


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