Movie: Phata Poster Nikla Hero
Singer: Atif Aslam
Lyricist: Irshad Kamil
Composer: Pritam
Cast: Shahid Kapoor
Janam janam ho tu hi mere paas Maa
Janam janam ho tu hi zameen aasman

May you be close to me in every birth
May you be my earth and sky in every birth

Ye hai khabar dil mein kahin
Rab reh rehta hai magar
Mere dil mein rehti bholi bhali meri Maa

I know that somewhere in my heart,
God lives but
My innocent mother lives in my heart

Pagli hai duniya Rab ko manaane
Mandir mazaaron tak jaati hai
Ghar mein hi mere hota hai teerath
Mujhko nazar jab Maa aati hai

The world is crazy which goes to temples
To persuade God
I find pilgrim at my home
When I see my mother

Janam janam tu meri ardaas Maa
Janam janam tu mera ehsaas Maa

You are my prayer in every birth, mother
You are my feeling in ever birth, mother

Sach ka pata dil mein hi hai
Par mujhko ye pata
Mere dil mein rehti bholi bhali meri Maa

The truth lives in the heart
But I know that
My innocent mother lives in my heart

Bachpan se ab tak Maa se kya seekha
Main yeh jahaan ko batlaunga
Jab naaz hoga tumko bhi mujh pe
Wo din yaqeenan main laaunga

What my mother has taught me from childhood,
I will tell the world
I shall definitely bring the day when
You shall be proud of me

Janam janam hoon tera vishwaas Maa
Janam janam rahoon main tere paas Maa
Inn khwaahishon inn koshishon se pehle to magar
Mere dil mein rehti bholi bhali meri Maa

I am your trust in every birth,mother
I stay with you in every birth,mother
But before these desires and attempts,
My innocent mother lives in my heart

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