Movie: Rockstar
Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Clinton Cerejo
Composer: A. R. Rahman
Lyricist: Irshad Kamil
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor

Tum logon ki iss duniya mein
Har kadam pe insaan galat
Main sahi samajh ke jo bhi kahoon
Tum kehte ho galat

In this world made by you people,
Human is said to be wrong at every step
Whatever I do because I think it is right,
You say it is wrong

Main galat hoon phir kaun sahi
Marzi se jeene ki bhi main
Kya tum sabko arzi doon

If I am wrong, then who is right?
Do I need to give you an application
Even to live as I wish to?

Matlab ki tum sab ka mujh pe
Mujhse bhi zyada haq hai

This means that all of you have
A greater right over me than I do

Saadda haq aithe rakh

Give me my rights

Hey inn kataaron mein ya udhaaron mein
Tum mere jeenay ki aadat ka kyun ghot rahe dum
Besaleeqa main uss gali ka main
Na jis mein haya na jis mein sharam

In these queues and loans,
Why are suffocating my habit of living?
I am mannerless, I am from place
Which knows no shame

Mann bole ke rass mein jeenay ka harjaana
Duniya dushman
Sab begaana inhein aag lagaana
Mann bole mann bole
Mann se jeena ya marr jaana

I have to pay fine to live as per what my heart says
The world is my enemy
They are not my own, forget them
I shall live and die as my heart wishes

Saadda haq aithe rakh

O eco-friendly nature ke rakshak
Main bhi hoon nature

Hey! You call yourself eco-friendly, protector of the nature,
I too am a part of this nature

Riwaazon se samaajon se kyon
Tu kaate mujhe
Kyun baante mujhse iss tarah

Why are cutting me by your
Rituals and people?
Why are you dividing me like this?

Kyun sach ka sabak sikhaaye
Jab sach sunn bhi na paaye
Sach koi bole toh tu
Niyam kanoon bataaye

Why do you teach to speak the truth
When you yourself can’t hear the truth?
If somebody speaks the truth,
You teach the rules and laws

Tera darr tera pyaar teri waah
Tu hi rakh

You can keep you fear, love as well as appreciation with you

Saadda haq aithe rakh

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