Tan Yeh Mera

Song: Tan Yeh Mera
Movie: 3

Tan yeh mera chaand sa
Tune chhuwaa jalne lagaa
Dheere dheere nashaa pighalne laga
Sambhla huwa yeh pal phisalne laga

My body is like moon
It started to burn when you touched it
The intoxication began to melt away
And this cobtrolled moment began slipping away

Tu hi re tu hi re
Jise yahaan chaahain ham
Tu hi re
Jo yahaan dil mein rahe

You are the one whom I love
You are the one who
Is in my heart

Teri hi baahon mein saansein meri jaayein tham
Saara din saari raat tujh mein katey

My breathig stops in your arms
My whole days and nights pass in you

Chaahun main pyaar tera
Hai yeh armaan mera
Aa mere paas meri dhadkan thaam zara

I want your love
It is my desire
Come closer and hold my heartbeats

Tujh mein hi doobna hai
Subah tak jaagna hai
Jaane de aankhon se neendein jo jaati hain

I want to drown in you
I want to wake up till morning
Let go the sleep that is going from the eyes

Dono hum aise gum chaahat mein huwe
Duniya ko pata hi nahi
Chaahe dil har ghadi aisa ho sama
Door hum jaayein na kahin

Both of us are lost in love
The world does not know
Heart wants that every moment should be such that
We don’t go away from each other

Yunhi ham saath rahain
Poore yeh khawaab rahein
Nazrain yeh bolti hain nazron se sun inhein

May we stay together like this
May these dreams be complete
Listen from eyes what the eyes are saying

Lab jo kahe lab hi sunay
Inko juda ham na karein

Lips hear what lips have to say
We won’t separate them

Tu hi re tu hi re
Jise yahaan chaahein hum
Tu hi re jo yahaan dil mein rahe

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